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Welcome to consulting company "Standpoint"

Точка зрения - консалтинговая компания

We are dynamically developing consulting company.

We unite experts and specialists in various areas of law, auditing and taxes. This allows for a multi-dimensional approach in solving our clients problems. We consider all possible standpoints and choose the optimal and the most effective solution.

We have not only consulting, but also in-house experience. This combination helps us to look from within at the business processes occurring in the companies of our clients, thus providing both efficient and realistic solutions.

Our clients are both Russian and Western companies, therefore consultations are rendered not only in Russian, but also in English and Spanish.

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Точка зрения. Консалтинг

Our company will help you to solve the legal issues, to sort out with taxes, to provide auditing services.

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  24/7 bl.3, Myasnitskaya str.
       Moscow, Russia

 +7(495) 764 3839

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